Seven Steps to Successful Sleep Implementation

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Set goals, benchmarks, and deadlines

Decide what impact you want dental sleep medicine to have on your practice and set goals to get there.  Include your team so everyone is working together.  Celebrate success!


Get educated

Take a course, pick a mentor, and do your homework.  Knowledge creates the foundation for success in dental sleep medicine.


Coaching and team training

Get the whole team working together. You can’t and don’t want to do this without your team. You will be more successful if everyone attends a course, accesses remote resources, or for optimal results, is trained by on-site consulting.


Develop the program within the practice

Who does what? Who is going to be the sleep coordinator? Are you going to do home sleep testing? Are you going to bill medical insurance or hire a company to do so? How are you going to chart and track referrals? These are a few of the questions that need to be answered and we can help.


Medical billing

The process of billing medical insurance is necessary as you provide dental sleep medicine and we’re here to help. Whether your staff coordinates claims or uses a third-party medical billing company, we can help you choose the best option.  Medical insurance has different documentation requirements, insurance contracts, and rules than dental insurance.


Be the scientist and the subject

Be a product of the product. Treat yourself and your staff so that everyone can speak genuinely about the benefits of sleep.  Take the necessary steps within your practice so you and your staff gain confidence and experience.


Build your network

As you expand your practice and create an environment to improve health, patients and professionals will notice and trust you with those they know. Watch your network grow.

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