Product Description

RiPPLE® appliances are designed to help people sleep better by treating bruxism and improving a patients airway.

RiPPLE® appliances can only be supplied through registered providers.  Each appliance is custom fitted to the patient and needs a specific measurement using the Sleep Position Guide (supplied in the starter kit).  Registered Providers also have access to training videos and resources.

Starter Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Sleep Position Guide (SPG)
    • For measuring patient sleep position for appliance custom fitting
  • Lab Slips
  • RiPPLE® Retainer Pen
  • 40 Patient Care Instructions
  • Display Model with Fitted RiPPLE® Retainer
  • 20 Patient Education Brochures
  • RiPPLE® Plus Product Information with SPG Instruction
  • RiPPLE® Retainers Product Information with SPG Instructions