One-click Medical Billing

Medical billing has never been easier

One-click medical billing

Get paid faster with less headache

Don’t let medical billing be an obstacle that slows you down. Let the experts handle it so you and your team can focus on your patients.

With our integrated third-party medical billing service, medical billing has never been easier.  Included in your imagn sleep software subscription is access to our state of the art billing module.  Here you will use auto-generated clinical chart notes, upload required forms, and submit pre-authorizations and claims.  There is no monthly fee to use the medical billing module.  If you enlist the service of a billing specialist, then we provide a one-click solution.  Our specialists will submit pre-authorizations, apply for gap exception, submit claims, work appeals, and denials.  We even provide a peer-to-peer appeal service.  For the one-click service there is a per occurrence charge of $40 per pre-authorization, $35 VOB, and $60 or 10% of the claim amount, whichever is less.